Awaken the Feminine Body

Awaken the Feminine Body

Awaken the Feminine Body is a four-day Ceremony for Heart, Body, Mind, Spirit and Sexual Life Force Energy to be awakened, nourished and nurtured. All female bodies welcome. It is no pre-requisite to have participated in the first retreat. Dive deeper if you have joined us before or come and explore for the first time.

In the first retreat in June we explored mainly the element of Earth, with specific attention to cleansing our gut, our emotional brain. We worked with our roots and our grounding.

In this next retreat are we playing with the elements Water and Fire, represented by the second and third chakras. For balancing these chakras our focus is on the Within (our individual, inner world) and the In-Between (transpersonal, our connection and relationship with others). The intention is to recognise, verbalise, acknowledge and transform negative patterns, habits and life choices with ones that will serve, support and empower us as women and sisters.

Physical (Body, Earth)
Our physical focus will be on the kidneys and the liver, their cleansing and the emotions connected to them. The liver is responsible for cleaning toxins and wastes from the blood, and separating out the useful nutrients to synthesize hundreds of biochemicals that our body needs for daily functioning. It also activates and regulates important hormones.
Specially for this course, we have put together an amazing Liver Cleanse starter kit. A soft and effective treatment that will support in cleansing the liver and kidneys and stimulating the energetic pathways in the liver and gallbladder. This results in more energy, hormonal balance and general wellbeing.

Emotional (Heart, Water)
On an emotional level, the health of the liver is strongly connected to how we deal with anger in our lives. So working on cleansing the physical organ is intimately related to cleansing our emotional world. According to Chinese Medicine, kidneys filter out the ‘anti’ in our life. They house the emotion of fear and are considered to be the root of all the other organ systems. This is reflected in the idea that fear is at the root of all the other emotions we consider negative or limiting.

Mental (Mind, Air)
We will look into how the physical and emotional well-being (or the lack of it) of our inner world influences the way we think about ourselves, our lives and others, looking into and bringing to the surface limiting belief systems and thought patterns that no longer serve us. This weekend we transform the ‘no’ to saying YES to life.

Sexual (Soul/Sexual Life Force Energy, Ether)
This time we will also playfully include our sexual and sensual nature. We, women, are naturally “wired” to be sensual, passionate, “turned on” and “tuned in”. The truth is, we women are made to be turned on by virtually anything. If we allow it. We are orgasmic beings, meant to radiate and attract, and the power of our pleasure can support us in manifesting what we desire. How do we relate to our sexuality and our pleasure? Are we in connection with our Womb and her incredible power? Come and explore with us Her infinite potential through meditations and Womb Awakening practices.

Spiritual (Spirit, Fire)
During this retreat everything is part of a ceremony. We offer all our learnings and insights to the benefit and healing of Mother Earth and all her sentient beings. It is time for us to re-member the feminine mysteries of creation and unity, so that we can assist this world and its beings, to come back to their own essence. It is up to us women, to change the course of history. We shall do it not by fighting, or preaching, but by learning to love ourselves no matter what, by nourishing our bodies and hearts, by dancing, singing, loving, and embracing each other in sisterhood.

This weekend we step into sacred space to find the deepest treasures within our soul and in the sisterhood. Using many different tools to support us in the process: supercharged healthy foods and supplements, essential oils, shamanic dance journeys, inquiry, breathwork, massage and touch, yoga, sacred sisterhood circles, journalling, to mention a few.

Welcome to a shamanic ceremony where everything happens in a sacred manner.

This course is for you if you…

…are a woman
…are interested in health and nutrition
…long to become more in tune with your body
…are on a journey to establish a healthy lifestyle and long-lasting well-being
…want to take actual practical steps to move away from self-sabotage and self-limiting beliefs
…are longing to spend time to retreat inwards while being supported by empowering processes and the power of Circle
…long to connect with your deeper spiritual essence and Mother Nature
…wish to deepen your connection to the sisterhood
…are just curious and open to try something new

Main elements of the weekend:

  • Tools for balanced hormonal health. We explore nutrition, supplements, essential oils and healthy habits that support nourishment of organs, body and soul
  • Kidney and liver detoxification tips. Where to start, do’s and dont’s
  • Amazing, vibrant, delicious raw-vegan menu
  • Simple self-massage techniques to support kidney and liver regeneration
  • Dance Journeys to support free feminine expression and a deeper connection with our different aspects, especially our sensuality, sexuality and emotions
  • Ceremonies and circles (Womb Awakening, Sacred Sisterhood) to open our hearts to our deepest feminine essence
  • Yoga and other morning practices
  • Sauna ceremony with healing oils, steam and drums
  • Orgasmic Breathing
  • Massage and Touch
  • Trance Dance and Cacao Ceremony

Please bring with you:

  • your own towels, sheet, duvet cover and pillowcase. It is also possible to rent them from Ängsbacka at a cost of 150 SEK
  • clothes that make you feel sexy and attractive
  • comfortable clothes that you can move in freely
  • white clothes
  • outdoor shoes and clothes suitable for all weather types

The course will be held in English.