Ängsbacka Easter

Ängsbacka Yoga & Dance Easter

For some years now, I’ve had the privilege to organize Ängsbacka’s Yoga & Dance Easter Festival, a five-day festival with workshops in different Yoga disciplines, dance, meditation, concerts, delicious vegan food, and cozy togetherness.

Ängsbacka is Scandinavia’s biggest course centre for spirituality, personal growth and sustainable human development. Visit Ängsbacka’s website: www.angsbacka.se


2016 – “ReBirth”

These five days we create a space of ceremony, to take a journey together, to feel and look into what we want to create and give birth to in our lives.

How can we be more alive, more awake, more conscious? How can we be a part of the solution instead of the problem in these challenging, intense, quickly moving times?

How can we step into the River of Livingness and not be washed away, but swim with the stream, in trust and surrender?

The Invitation is to be fully YOU. To bring all that you are, the light, the shadow, the doubt, the questions and the answers. To explore a new yoga pose and see what it is birthing in your body. To allow yourself to learn something new, but also to relax into your body’s inner knowing when you dance. To find stillness, and also full expression of whatever is present. To meet and see each other in all our different colours, with compassion and acceptance.

What do YOU want to birth in your life?
How about dancing with this question?
How about drawing it?
Sharing it? Dreaming it?