Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Relaxing massage utilizing the healing properties of CPTG (Certified, Pure, Therapeutic Grade) Essential Oils. The treatment starts with short consultation about your physical and emotional well-being and the selection of oils that can best support your healing at the given moment. Each treatment is unique and tailored entirely to the individual needs of the receiver.

60 min € 70 / SEK 700
90 min € 100 / SEK 1000

What are Essential Oils and how can we use them?

Essential Oils are the volatile liquids distilled from various parts of plants (seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruit, etc.). They embody the regenerating, protective and immune-strengthening properties of plants. One of the factors that determines the purity and therapeutical value of an oil is its chemical constituents. Which is why it is very important where the plants grow, when and how they are harvested and treated in the distillation process, to get the purest, most potent essential oils possible.

The very term Aromatherapy was derived from the fact that essential oils are, by nature, aromatic. Their aromas can elicit powerful physiologic, mental, and emotional responses. I do use essential oils aromatically – oftentimes put in a diffuser which is beneficial for affecting mood, killing airborne pathogens, and changing the atmosphere of a space. In an Aromatherapy Session I use the oils topically – applied directly to the skin, where their chemical compounds are readily absorbed and enter the bloodstream. (This is one reason why the quality of oil is so important.) By taking the time to massage an essential oil thoroughly into the skin, absorption is enhanced by increasing the blood flow to the area thus allowing the skin to more effectively absorb valued compounds.

Some of the best oils in the world can be taken internally as well. In fact, we can use them to replace most present-day chemical medicines, and we can have our own, natural, organic healing tools straight from Nature’s Medicine Cabinet.

I work with dōTERRA® products, which I have found to be the purest, most potent and affordable products with consistent quality. dōTERRA use a global network of artisans to provide the raw materials used for essential oil production. Where a plant is grown has a major impact on its constitution, which in turn determines its potency. Using local artisans who have grown the source plants for generations ensures that the plants are not only properly cared for, but also grown in an environment that maximises the essential oils’ potential.

Additionally, harvesting the right part of the plant at the right time is a major determiner in the quality of an essential oil. Growers have discovered over generations proper harvesting secrets that increase yield and quality of the essential oil.

Using local artisans to source the raw materials for essential oils has the added benefit of creating industry for that particular community. In many cases, the harvesting of essential oil source plants has created jobs and opportunity where previously there was none. In this way, dōTERRA is helping health-conscious individuals find safe alternatives while also lifting entire communities and giving them hope for the future.

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