MA-URI Soul Touch

MA-URI Soul Touch

Soul Touch is a unique treatment combining the elements of ma-uri Huna bodywork, Hawaiian Temple lomi-lomi, deep tissue massage and other bodywork techniques. Lomi lomi is known as “Loving Hands” massage, which works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, nurturing the body and enabling the recipient to relax, give in and simply be with what is happening. The work is done with LOVE (ALOHA), with the practitioner focusing on the client being already complete and whole as they, using loving touch and deep presence from the heart.

When harmony is lacking, the effect is pain physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Illness is a state of tension, (“dis-ease”) which leads to resistance and may block the free flow of energy. Lomi lomi helps to release this and facilitates the road to healing. On the physical level, lomi lomi reduces stress and tension; blood and lymph flow is assisted and the elimination of waste and toxins occurs.

Soul Touch creates a deep healing space for the body to relax, the mind to let go and spirit to travel. Using music, rhythm, prayer and sound we call in the body’s own healing powers, through which we can experience emotional release and deep, profound relaxation. A truly one-of-a-kind massage experience.

Please note, this massage uses a lot of oil, and is done on a naked body, though covered appropriately.

75 min € 85 / SEK 850
90 min € 100 / SEK 1000

MA-URI Healing Arts

One of the media used in the process is a form of Bodywork which combines Hawaiian style dance movements with long rhythmical strokes to enhance the energy flow within the body and mind. Through the power of heightened awareness and deep connectedness, through breath and the application of sacred touch these movements are then intensified by a Maori focus on action and instant effectiveness. This causes a whole new range of movement to be accelerated not just within the physical body. It is accelerated also within beliefs, memories and emotions and extending into the person’s relationships, finances and job situations.

In this kind of “treatment” there is no “healer” and “patient”. We believe that the body has its natural, innate ability to deal with whatever issue and it can heal itself, given the right care and environment. In the ma-uri tradition the “therapist” serves as kahuna – the one carrying the vision and intention for the tribe’s wellbeing and survival. The massage bench is an analogy of the vaka, the sacred boat on which our ancestors sailed the infinite oceans looking for new home – using nothing but the stars as guide.

Soul Touch is a treatment that works with the whole of the person: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts alike. On a physical level, people often experience it as a very soothing, calming, blissful body-experience where they feel as if rocked by the gentle warm waves of the ocean. On a mental level, since the strokes are unique and physical contact occurs at variuos parts of the body simultaneously, the mind often can not deal with the multilevel stimuli and is forced to “just drop it” and let go. On an emotional level, when trust has been established between “therapist” (kahuna) and “client” (traveller), the body may allow deep-seated emotional issues to surface and release. We all have cellular memory, often carry trauma in our bodies, which can create “energetic blocks”, restricting the free flow of our natural life force energy. When we surrender and let go, often these energies can be brought to our conscious attention so we can deal wit them in love and understanding and re-integrate them into our conscious awareness. On a spiritual level, people sometimes experience that during the treatment they receive messages from other realms, can find answers to questions that have burdened them for a long time, or experience astral travel.

MA-URI® HEALING ARTS is a modern application of Polynesian navigator principles and the gifts of Ancestral teachings.