Sacred Womb Festival

“If you educate a man, you educate an individual.
But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation.”
African Proverb

There is a movement happening right now on our beautiful Planet Earth – the re-awakening of the Feminine. And it is happening not just inside women, but also within the Masculine, and in between the sexes. This movement is supporting and will continue to support bringing our world to balance. Welcome to be part of this movement!

Welcome to Sacred Womb Festival, a space for all women to come together and share, no matter your age, origin, profession, country, religion or belief system. To come together, nurture and empower our feminine heart, body, mind, spirit and sexual Self.

A woman functions in a totally different way than a man, and when we gain understanding about these differences and find ways to honour our natural cycles as women, we can be more successful, happy, healthy and radiant beings. Understanding what it means to be a woman and tapping into the endless possibility of our Sacred Womb, we can birth ourselves, our lives and our projects in a sacred manner.

Sacred Womb is a space of creation, dreaming and birthing. In Year One – Birthing – we focus on how we can birth ourselves as authentic, empowered women. How we can bring our gifts into this world with beauty and soft strength. How we can dance and balance the expectations and challenges of life and still honour our natural cycles.

We will invite inspiring, wise, powerful, curious and creative women from many different walks of life, to create a platform of learning where we can receive knowledge, feel and grow as women and sisters. Where we can grow the Feminine Way.

The Festival is held within the container of Sacred Alchemical Ceremony, including all 5 aspects of the human being:

  • Heart: How to nurture our hearts. Self love. Bringing balance into our emotions by allowing the flow of authentic expression. Awakening confidence and self acceptance.
  • Body: Dance, healing food, Yoga, body image. Childbirth, motherhood, sacred womb rituals and blood mysteries.
  • Mind: Cultivating a healthy mind, success and manifestation.
  • Spirit: Rituals, sweat lodge, grandmothering and sisterhood circles. Healing work and meditations.
  • Sexuality: Sexual mysteries: sacred squirting, yoni puja, sacred union teachings. How to fully own our sexuality, feel awake and juicy in our body.

The festival offers sacred and safe space for women to come together in sisterhood, to see and hear each other as equals and to open a field where anything can be shared in acceptance and honesty. It is a space where we can relax in trust, learn and explore new skills and ways of being a woman in this world at this time, to facilitate the potential healing of deep ancient wounds within the individual and the collective psyche.

When we come into our true authentic power, our soft strength, and into balance with our natural cycles as women, we will birth a new world. We will birth ourselves anew.

All women welcome!

Ängsbacka, May 23 – 26 2017

More information will be shared soon.