Shamanic Heart Movement

Shamanic Heart Movement

Shamanic Heart Movement is a concept grown out of Biodanza Heart in Motion, Shamanism, Tantra, Authentic Movement and much much more.

It is a framework, a safe container within which we can open and re-open to our true nature, discover the hidden parts of our beings, shed light into our darker corners, and re-integrate them into our lives. It is essentially a method based on authentic free movement (dance meditation) – meeting ourselves and others in honesty, openness and authenticity.
It is genuinely shamanistic in its approach, honoring deeply our connection to Nature and all of Creation.

Shamanic Heart Movement embraces all the aspects of being human: welcoming the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual aspects of our being, with all their light and shadow. It is a path of awakening, truth and authenticity.
It is also a mystery created moment by moment by us, Dancers.

About Us

Alva is a qualified workshop facilitator & co-founder of Shamanic Heart Movement, currently holding workshops in Stockholm and Oslo. She has fierce dedication to healing and awakening to our Soul’s mission, and embodying our true selves. The last 10 years she has dedicated herself to studying Shamanic Alchemy and wisdom. She has been an apprentice on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path since 2007, walking the Path of the Rainbow Warrior.

For the last 2 years she has been organizing and co-creating Tantra workshops, diving deeper into the healing arts of Sacred Sexuality & awakening the potential of human bodily experiences. She is educated in Medicinal Aromatherapy and offers in-depth courses in the healing powers of essential oils. Passionate about the mysteries of Sacred Shamanic Sexual Healing and transformation, she is currently doing a teacher training in Womb Awakening.

Hajni has many years of experience in bodywork, dance and movement therapy, ecstatic dance, sacred dance, tantra, meditation, sacred sexuality and various other practices. She is an experienced facilitator of Biodanza Heart in Motion and Mystical Dance, has lived and worked for four years in Ängsbacka, and has been hosting their Yoga & Dance Easter Festival. She apprentices in the Sweet Medicine Sundance tradition and walks the path of the modern Warrior of Light.

Hajni is dedicated to working for, and with, the Mature Feminine and Masculine and to the awakening of the raw, hidden powers of the soul. She offers a space of deep acceptance and awareness, with both the humor and the merciless clarity of her fierce yet gentle heart and the raw aliveness of her wild sensual being.