Healing Sessions for Women

Shamanic Healing and Bodywork

Shamanic Healing is an intimate bodywork-coaching session with a specific intention. You are welcome to share any difficulty, challenge or trauma you have experienced or are experiencing in your life, and we tailor the session to your individual needs. In this sacred space everything is welcome and we include the whole of you without judgement – all your feelings, thoughts, emotions, needs and desires. The sessions differ very much from person to person. Your boundaries will always be outlined in the beginning, and you are held in deep loving presence, welcomed to express anything that needs to be seen, loved and integrated.

Potential issues we can work with: sexual trauma, birth- and birthing-related trauma, intimacy issues, difficulty to enjoy sexual experiences, difficulty to receive, fear of rejection or abandonment, childhood trauma and so on.

Sessions may include verbal coaching, Gestalt work, bodywork, reparenting, body-dearmouring, shamanic journeying, to mention a few possibilities. It can also include breathwork and support for you to come closer to your orgasmic potential and orgasticness if this is something you would like to explore.

Concessions available for people in financial difficulty.

First-time clients will be contacted over the phone for an initial consultation before booking a session.


120 min 180 € / 1800 SEK
180 min 270 € / 2700 SEK

Before booking a treatment please read the General Guidelines here!