Tantra Massage for Women

Tantra Massage for Women

You are warmly welcome exactly as you are whether you are totally new to Tantra Massage or experienced in Tantra and energy work. Tantra Massage is an individual experience depending on where you are in your life right now. We welcome everything that is present: the pleasurable feelings and thoughts and also the painful ones, and everything in between, including the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual aspects. You are invited to feel, to keep an open and inquisitive mind and to receive your body’s reactions with acceptance and compassion.

The body stores much of what we have experienced in our lives on a cellular level. Tantra Massage offers an opportunity to reconnect with the body on a deeper level and to gain more self-knowledge and understanding. In a Tantra Massage session you are encouraged to stay present, alert and aware of what is going on in your body, heart and mind.

Your Session

We start with consultation and follow with a short meditation. This is to support you to arrive fully into the body and to start getting into the pattern of conscious breathing. You are welcome to be naked in your session, most people prefer this, but you are also welcome to take off clothes as and when you feel ready. In my sessions I wear underwear at all times. This is part of my boundary, and I kindly request for you to respect that.

Breath, Sound and Movement

You are encouraged to breathe consciously during your session. Breath is a good indicator of how you relate to your own body, and it’s a telling sign of tension. Often we experience sexual desire as tension in the body, because of how we used to make love and reach an orgasm – but this does not have to be so. With guided conscious breathing, we can dissolve tension in the body just by becoming aware of it. Breath is also a key to deeper joy and pleasure in the body, and the most common way to move energy.

You are also invited to allow your body to move in its natural way, no matter what your brain is saying. Moving the body is also a way to open further. Sometimes tension leaves the body through shaking, which is totally natural.

Our repressed emotions are often stored in the body. When we swallow our anger, or pain, we diminish the free flow of energy. Putting sound to our experience can be amazingly liberating and helpful in opening those little boxes we chose not to look into. Often we don’t even need to express with words – sound has its healing power just by being “let out”.

Yoni Massage and Mapping

In a Tantra Massage we include the genitals. Just this part of the massage can be a very unique experience to many people – since we typically only touch or are touched here during sex. Touching of the genitals is often shadowed by confusion about performance and achievement or the feeling that we need to “do” something in order to reach a goal. In Tantra Massage we include the genitals as part of the whole body and encourage you to receive pleasure in a relaxed way, without worrying about a goal that you need to get to.

During a session like this many things can come up. We can get in touch with feelings from times in our lives when we did not hold our boundaries, when we gave away our strength in order to be loved or liked, or when we got hurt and disrespected. Whatever comes up, we welcome it with acceptance and loving compassion. As women, we need to re-connect with Yoni and her incredible potential, and often this path leads through dealing with painful memories and feelings. Yoni mapping is a simple way to put awareness to what is present in our yoni. It might bring us pleasure, and it might also bring us to more delicate and vulnerable places. Whatever might show up, we can breathe into it and hold it with loving compassion .

Communication and agreements

In the beginning of our session it is important that we talk, to clarify thoughts and possible expectations, fears or worries. We talk about boundaries, and this will be the grounds on which we can safely work together. I encourage clear, open communication, since it is essential that we as women stand up for our desires and needs. It is your responsibility as an adult to express if you are ready to go further. We will only work internally when you are ready and communicate clearly that this is where you would like to go.

We also have a short check-in in the end of your session, to make sure that you feel complete. Tantra Massage can trigger some processes and it is important that we address anything like that before you leave.

120 min 180 € / 1800 SEK
180 min 270 € / 2700 SEK

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