Dance of Sensual Alchemy

Dance of Sensual Alchemy

Welcome wild ones, shy ones, juicy or stiff wintercold bodies.
Welcome to open, to dance, to feel yourself from the inside out as you melt into blissful sensual pleasure.

This day we dedicate to Sensual Alchemy, the ancient wisdom of how to awaken our bodies to more sensuality, more pleasure and a deeper sense of love.

The gateway to our own heart opens through pleasure.

Can we allow ourselves to open in a safe and loving enviroment? Open to the natural expression of our free Spirit dancing us fully alive? Pleasure is the true life force, it is where we are made and it is the core vibration of our bodies!
Let’s melt into it!

What we will do:
• we will playfully open our sensuality in a safe enviroment
• we will dance and taste, feel and touch, to activate the potential of our inner sensitivity and intimacy.
• Sacred Sensual Arcetype dances
• Orgasmic breath work – Re-Opening our bodies to more intimacy with ourselves
• Wheel of Consent

Warmly Welcome!

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Thank you beautiful people for holding such beautiful space in your hearts and in the room...<3 I am eternally grateful for this challenge and growth.


Thanks to all of you for this lovely, powerful, challenging and crazy day and workshop <3 As Ozzy said: I Love You All!