Heart Core

Heart Core

Come and join the journey of the unfolding of your own heart!
You are invited to discover deeper and deeper layers of surrender, relaxation and self-acceptance.

Heart Core is a one-day journey into authentic expression and connection. Held within the framework of Shamanic Heart Movement, a container for body-soul-spirit awakening dreamed (and being dreamt) by Alva & Hajni.

In this workshop we will dive deep into the Masculine – Feminine dynamics, looking into the healthy/unhealthy masculine & feminine energies that are present within each of us. Whether we are in a male or female body, we possess both Masculine and Feminine aspects and they influence our lives in many (obvious and less obvious) ways.

We are going to play with these energies and aspects, examining the different games they consciously or unconsciously create within our lives. We will explore the concepts of serving and receiving, taking and allowing, and through clear communication and boundary-setting we will journey into a dance of genuine, authentic meeting with ourselves and each other.

Sensual. Shamanic. Sacred.
Welcome to play, discover, dive and merge.
Welcome to connect deeper with who you really are.

Event link: www.facebook.com/events/1134155576612359


It was a lovely dance session. For a long time since I got so much in touch with my feelings. Afterwards, I felt relaxed, happy and grateful! You are the best dance leaders I have met. Thank you wonderful Alva and Hajni! And a warm welcome back to Stockholm! Love & light to you


I feel so much gratitude for existence leading me to the workshop. I came with the only intention to meet likeminded friends and have a good time. I was not expecting to be touched in such a deep and profound way. Thank you for showing me my immature male/female and mature male/female sides. Of course there is no right or wrong way of being but the awareness is so hidden and to see was beautiful. Thank you for your guidance and beautiful presence. Love & Bliss