Sacred Womb

Sacred Womb

Tantric Yoga & Orgasmic Breath Workshop for Women

The human body has infinite potential for pleasure – and especially the female body, a fine instrument, tuned to the orgasmic resonance of the Earth.

We can tap into this power whenever we want.
We do not need someone else to give us pleasure – we are orgastic beings by default and this power is always available to us! It is ours to reclaim.

It is our choice to stay orgastic, infinitely vibrant and radiant beings, and we can maintain this and radiate it out into the world by doing some simple exercises based on presence and breath.

In this short introduction workshop we will tap into the potential of unlimited orgasticness, working with simple tools anyone can do at home, combining ancient sufi and yogic practices, breath, sound and movement to awaken our beautiful, subtle orgastic energies as women.
We will also share some womb wisdom, conscious touch and dance exercises.

It is for everyone, no experience needed. We will create a safe and loving environment and spend some beautiful quality time within the sisterhood.

Warmly Welcome!

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