Shamanic Rebirth

Shamanic ReBirth

We are all the result of the love of thousands. We all carry genetic memories from generations beyond. Pain and pleasure both. To fully live our essence, we might have to re-visit times like when we were in our mother’s womb, or the time before our conception. We might have to reconnect with ancestors who lived hundreds and hundreds of years before us. We might have to express things we never dared to say. To wake up fully to Life, Love, Creativity and Wisdom, we may need to heal our genetic imprints.

So many different sides and angles make up the complex experience of our coming into this world – and our life!

What if we could re-write the story? If we could travel back in time, to the moment of our conception and beyond, and did the whole journey again? Through an orgastic delivery, into the love of our tribe chanting powerful rhythms as we take our first breath… into a life full of magic and mystery.

What would our Life be like, if with every step we take we would walk the path of our Sacred Dream?

Come and join this Shamanic ReBirth journey, where we will dance with our ancestors to clear the energetic pathways within ourselves for our sacred dream to have more space to unfold… Come and dive into Rebirth from Spirit, to make your intentions clear. Why are you here?

To become a Sacred Human Being, an evolved, adult and responsible human, we need to look at our intentions and the shadows behind them. We all carry the seeds of a Sacred Dream – let’s create a space to find and water these seeds together, so we can dance them into being.

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Thank you everyone for making this a personal growth journey of pure joy and love. It is most welcomed to also experience that it doesn't have to be so hard all the time every time. Alva and Hajnalka must you forever continue to share your passion, as it it transformative for you and so many other people too. Hugs 'n kisses! <3

Anne MA

THE most groundbreaking workshop so far! Marvellously inspiring and insights-producing and mentality-changing. The whole thing was so WOW it is hard to say anything sensible about it. It opened me up on so many levels, and held me so safely in every little facet of it. I've experienced the pure joy of personal and professional growth. YOU have to go there next time! Go-go-go!!


Thank you for this amazing event! This was an important leap for me in my growth... <3 🙂