Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

Come dance with us into the Light!

Spring is the time to awaken the senses, to let the blood dance, to start stretching towards the Sun and leave behind our winter dreams.

We invite you on a journey into your most inner heart, into the lightness of your being. Dancing through the elements we will awaken the most ancient memories of our bodies: the power of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Expressing our deepest sensations of Mother Nature’s patterns, we connect to each other with renewed sensitivity, openness and understanding.

In this journey we will travel within the realm of our senses, our hearing, sight, our sense of smell, taste and touch. This is a deeply nourishing, sensual, awaking journey into the centre of our inner galaxies, and into the space that opens between two human beings when they meet in selfless giving and fully relaxed acceptance.


Event link: www.facebook.com/events/410835499095003


From my heart, body and soul, I give thanks for this amazing workshop! I feel fresh, happy, healthy, nourished, joyful, energized and sane after today's dance. I feel conected and balanced, full of life and elements 🙂 My senses are activated and satisfied, and I feel alive, radient and very natural high after all I experienced on today Bio dansa workshop. I can highly recomend to everybody to participate in one of these events. <3 LOVE AND GRATITUDE


Oh, what a wonderful trip this was! So good, so alive, so sensuous! And so inspiring! Already tomorrow can I use some of the things I found in this "dance" (dance is a small term for what Alva and Hajni does), and it will come with me to the summer, too; for the dance in June! This was the best vårvåkningen I've ever had! Jabbba Dabbba-dooooo!


Thank you for amazing journey!! So healing!! Highly recommend to all.