Surrender to Trust

Surrender to the Flow. To Life. To What Is. To Who You Are.

A heart fully surrendered to the flow of life is a heart of abundance and flexibility. How flexible are you? How often do you say, “Yes, but…” instead of a just, simply, Yes. How much do you listen to your deepest longings, emotions and desires? Do you accept support easily from others? Are you ready to move freely from your core, or do you look around a lot to see who’s watching, wondering what they are thinking? Do you trust that when you reach out, help will be there, or do you think twice before reaching at all?

Join us on this shamanic movement meditation journey and explore the endless landscapes of your own heart’s desires.

On this day we embark upon a sacred journey into trust. We invite you to surrender to your own creation, to open like a flower and find the hidden treasures inside your own heart, to discover chambers of faith that have been hidden from you, so that you can open new doors and integrate what you find into your everyday life.

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