Tribal Alchemy

Tribal Alchemy

We welcome you into the Sacred Circle of the Tribe. A safe alchemical space for you to explore all your radiant colors.

Through spiraling deep into Tribal Alchemy this weekend, we invite you on a journey into the depths of your own heart.

We will journey together in a shamanic space, looking at different stages and experiences, emotions and expressions of human existence.

We do this together, as one unit, a tribe of beings – since essentially, we are all on the same path, even though our ways of traveling might differ. Dancing a spiral made up of 4 individual sessions, we make the intention to return home to our hearts, to awaken the hidden potential sleeping deep within our core.

Session 1: From the innocent place of the child, we open to life in deep trust. Playful & curious, we explore the Dance Of Life as we connect with ourselves & each other in trust & openeness. Coming back to the natural expression of self.

Session 2: We dive deeper into the heart & explore all we have stored there. Working through layers of emotions, expressing, opening and letting go. Opening our heart, embracing ourselves in all colours and expressions.

Session 3: We spiral even deeper into ancestral connections, dancing with our lineage of relations. Calling forth and healing imprints from the past. We are the expression of many generations of both suffering and bright blessings. Relating well with our ancestors encourages healing and empowerment for our lineages, families, and lives in the present moment.

Session 4: we gather the fruits of our journey and look towards what we want to manifest in our lives. From the innocent expression of the child, the depths of our pulsating hearts, the blessings from our anscestors – who are we then in this world?
In this session we work with manifesting the dream, coming forth with our light and close the circle in safe union of our Tribe. Within & without. In gratitude we dance our dream awake!

Biodanza Heart in Motion is a Path of Awakening, of returning to our natural selves. It is movement and medicine in one, communicating through the body-soul instead of the brain-mind. Expose yourself to life, let your colour be radiant! Shake and shine! This sacred practice is about exposure, about diving deep into our core through sound, dance, movement, meeting with ourselves and others in a safe space held in love. There is nothing you HAVE to do – you move when you are called to. But we also encourage you to challenge your boundaries and especially your resistance – you might be amazed at what you find beneath. Welcome to be held in all your colours and aspects, to unfold in trust, love and unity.

Warmly Welcome to explore & unfold yourself through the medicine of Biodanza Heart In Motion.

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Thank you so much for a heart opening, deep, alchemical, grounded explosion of conscious light in the form of movement and dance. May Stockholm be forever blessed with more workshops like this.


Thank you deeply for the fantastic work you shared today Alva and Hajni. Thank you to everyone who took part, was there, which got me to open up, to find trust and feel safe to go into deep healing work. Some incredibly strong and beautiful hours with dance and meditation which got me into another space easily. Looking forward to the next journey with you. Lot of thanks!


Hi! Thank you very much for the movements and meetings yesterday. It was beautiful! It opened up for such light joy, and deep sorrow. And forgiveness. I was sad to leave early, but I carried with me such bliss in body and mind. Thank you!