Wild Nature

Wild Nature Medicine Dance and Trance Breathing

Welcome to an exploration of your wild animal side!

You are invited on a deep journey into the hidden realms of the subconscious, supported by Conscious Breath and strong shamanic beats – to meet your Medicine Animals, to listen to their messages and bring back their teachings.

Under all the conditioning, schooling and cultural hypnosis, we are still animal creatures. Our wild side is what can make life a bit more interesting, a bit more spicy and real. But are we aware of this in our everyday life and in our human interactions? Are we aware of the deep instinctual patterns that secretly move and govern us when we enter a new space or meet new people? Are we conscious of how we take on the roles of predator or prey in our interactions with others?

In this workshop we will

  • take a journey guided by the drum, conscious holotropic breathing and shamanic music to explore the realms of our subconscious and to connect with the energetic imprints of our animal guides who reside there, to see if they have messages or teachings to share to support us on our life journey at this point
  • dance and move with the different energies of these animals and share the journey with each other
  • play with the dynamics of the Hunter and the Hunted.

Welcome to dance and meet each other on this wild steppe we call Life!


"Cutting the bullshit and getting into the Core of the Heart" Hajni and Alva are the masters of their professions. Together they create the space of support for your own personal process to unfold, for you to look within yourself without fear or judgement. They both hold very strong and clear space where there is no place to hide and only one to look. Acceptance and deep YES is very present so even though sometimes challenging, the process is worth a die, as on the other side there is a beauty of our true, real, raw and honest authenticity. Their great training in various traditions, techniques and skills that they bring along and medicine they carry within is creating a very flamboyant space of possibilities for self expression and deep healing and transformation. Depending on your own sensitivity and insights this workshop for sure is reaching out to the world class teachers and Shamans, creating the space for you to deepen your own insights into the mystery of Creation. They basically know very well what they are talking about and what they are doing and they do it well. Highly professional and still very intuitive, guided to the needs of participants and beyond. I am definitely joining the next workshop with this duo and I recommend it to anyone who is tired of hiding, pretending and is looking for a great liberation of self and happy honest life ever after. Shamanic Heart Movement Viva Viva! 😀